Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Update

Good Sunday Morning Gang,

Mike's working today, the kids have been to Sunday school, and Amy, Austin, and Paisley are sick again...UGH! School germs, I can't seem to get rid of these fevers and runny noses, they come and go every few days :(

I'm waiting to hear from T in Vietnam...The hurricane that hit China 9/25, also hit Hannah's province in Vietnam!! Her province has severe flooding and mudslides, no electric, thousands of homes destroyed and deaths! Hannah's orphanage is about 50 feet from a huge lake...she fell in during the summer and a little boy fished her out just in time. They both lost their shoes and T had to pay to replace them. Anyhow, I'm bringing that little boy something SPECIAL! So, I'm waiting to hear if Hannah and the other children are safe. I guess there's no phone service so it's taking a few days, and I'm going crazy waiting for an email! :(

OK US EMBASSY We need to get there and get our girl, so SEND OUR APPROVAL TONIGHT!!! PLEASE.................?????????????

Anyone want to join me in prayer to get our approval this week???


  1. Sandy, I do want you to get your approval! I hope everything is okay at her orphanage. I'm sure she's fine!


  2. Praying that Hannah is safe and sound, and that you get your approval TODAY! :-)

  3. I am praying that Hannah and the other children are fine. Also praying that she will be home real soon.


  4. Holy cow! Give that little boy some serious hugs from us!! Thank G-d that he was able to get to her!