Thursday, September 4, 2008

It was brought to my attention, at 10 PM last night, after I returned home from WALMART, where I hobbled around on a broken toe buying $30 worth of "rat" products, (Angel needed a cage,food,etc.) that my BLOG makes it look like a certain husband doesn't do anything around here. I don't recall ever saying that. So, let me set the record straight........
My hubby of 38 years this Sept. 25th helps around the house. Yes, he is a good boy. He wakes all the kids in the AM and gets the boys ready for school. He brushes their teeth, EXCEPT for yesterday when I broke my toe doing it, ( and now it will be his PERMANENT job), dresses them in the clothes I layed out the night before, and makes their breakfast ( sometimes). Then he drives some to school. When he comes home from work, he gives the "littles" their baths and dresses them for bed. Of course I usually have to find their PJs because after all these years, he still can't figure out what drawer they're in. When Austin and Paisley wake during the night he gets up and quiets them. He also helps with dishes, cleaning, even mops the floors. AND, he makes beds too! Oh, Oh, he grocery shops too and is pretty good at it! He's a LOT of help and I couldn't do it without him. So there...I hope this makes you happy Mickey! :)


  1. Hi Sandy
    He sounds wonderful!! Where can i find one? Love seeing the kiddos all growing so fast. peace and happiness Bonnie

  2. We all know that behind every great family are doting parents who share in the parenting and household chores! So Mr. Poko, you may not be talked about much, but that means you are doing a great job!

  3. Sandy,

    Can you please clone him. LOL

    Anyone who will mop the floors is tops in my opinion.

    Susan and Kate

  4. I find it hard to believe that anyone who knows Mike would even think he doesn't help out. That means they don't the real Mike!

    While there are many dads out there that leave the parenting chores to the mom, there are many more out there who share in those chores. I know that David is a full & willing participant like Mike.

  5. Tammie,
    It was the man himself that read my blog and complained that I made it sound like I did all the work around here!! I didnlt even know her knew where my BLOG was!

  6. How can a father of five home grown daughters and a grandfather of many not be a wonderful husband? Now with an additional 5 children and another hopefully home soon, I'm sure he is still a wonderful husand and father that does his fair share of household duties.
    We miss seeing you guys.