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My girls were born in a country where the government does not allow freedom of speech or religious beliefs. Today my girls celebrated the freedom they now have as American citizens, they went to CHIK FIL A in support of the right of every American to have their own beliefs and not be controlled by the government.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


 After 2 + years of unemployment, and THOUSANDS of resumes' being sent out without a nibble, Daddy GOT A JOB!  And not just ANY job, oh no, he got his DREAM JOB!  The one he has dreamed about for over 30 years, the one he thought he would never be lucky enough to get. The job he always said.."someday I would love to ~~~~~". 
 Well, it happened and we know it was meant to be.  He applied for job "X"  but during the interview, they said.. you know, I think "~~~~" would be perfect for you!  And that was it. One resume', one face to face interview, and he got the job..... Daddy is on cloud nine... he said he would have paid THEM to do this job...Now don't get carried away daddy, we like the idea of a paycheck again!
Anyhow... here's Daddy's new job...
 He's working for THE MOUSE! 
 He's "Captain Mike" and will be driving the boats!  What an ideal job for an ex-NAVY man, ex-boat owner, and retired daddy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our little cutie turned 7 today.  She's been home almost 2 years and has changed so much. We'll celebrate at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday, but for tonight, we had her favorite food..Chinese of course. She loved her butterfly cake and her LEGO FRIENDS which she has been wanting since Christmas.
  Ryan took over and built them for her and then the boys brought their Star Wars Legos into the girls room and they all played together. I'll bet you didn't know that Darth Vader and Darth Mull liked the pet beauty shop did you?
Here are some pics we took tonight, but please don't notice the boxes still needing unpacked, and the grill that was just assembled and still in the family room in the background. I don't know why it's taking me so long to unpack :(

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday Fun

Between LOWES and HOME DEPOT the Littles keep dad pretty busy on Saturday mornings.  Austin doesn't always like to go so he was missing for this project.  The kids brought one home for him to build with dad later.

TEA with "The Queen"

Pre-school had "Tea with the Queen" last week.  Paisley was so excited and was looking forward to meeting the queen, she even wore her church hat with her easter dress. The class had to dress in the finest for the event.
  Paisley was very disappointed.  She came home and reported to us "It wasn't tea! It was JUICE! and crackers!  And it wasn't the REAL Queen it was a FAKE Queen!
Then they went out to play.

These are our morning and evening neighbors...sometimes they visit in the afternoon too!  Yes, those are Cranes, boy are they LOUD!  Paisley wants me to call Santa to let him know the reindeer are here and come get them.

Little Ducks all in a row

Waiting for the new school bus :) 

Saturday, April 28, 2012


 Emma turned  15  today!  We celebrated at EPCOT.  
Mom & Dad

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good Morning!
It's been too long since I have posted but I have been swamped by this move.  I have lots to talk about and hopefully have some photos I can post too, WHEN I find the cords to the cameras. 
We got here MARCH 4th, then had 2 weekend weddings in South Fl. to attend and helped our friend move the following weekend, then we had Easter so this is actually the first weekend in the house and I am determined to get everything ubnpacked!
We still have about 60 boxes to unpack and furniture to buy.  The little girls still don't have their toys unpacked.  We didn't bring most of our furniture and storage shelves with us so there is no place to put them but the floor..and that's not gonna fly here!  
The kids all love the house, it's HUGE by our standards, 4300 sq. ft.  Austin and Hannah tell me everyday "Mommy, I love this new house, can we stay here forever"?  
School is good. ALL the kids like it better than their old schools, and they LOVED their old schools (except Meg, she misses her friends and teachers terribly). 
Mike has the littles at LOWES this morning building something.  We are TRYING to get back to a normal routine and the kids loved building on Sat. mornings with Mike.
I found my boxes of stuff for the top of my kitchen cabinets yesterday and Mike and I put them up.  Austin saw them after school and said " hmmm  this looks just like HOME"! Made me feel good, like I was acomplishing something. 
 So far it feels like living in a hotel to me.
Every morning I have been digging thru boxes looking for the little kids clothes for school, no uniforms here :(  I had to buy Amy clothes for school because she only had play, church, and school uniforms.  I finally got all the kids clothes unpacked last night. They have too many undies and sox (the girls have at least 50 pr. each)
Our school is out the end of May. We are in Seminole County FL. Great schools!!
I still need to find a cleft team for Ryan, I hope the one I am choosing takes our health ins.
Sorry this is long, I have lots to catch up on.  If you're still reading, thanks for hanging around. Leave a comment, I love reading them and it's nice to know someone is out there..........
this is the ONLY pic on my computer right now, Paisley hunting easter eggs in the back yard.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's feast or famine around here isn't it?  Either there's lots of posts or none for weeks... We're off to Orlando tomorrow afternoon to house hunt.  Of course we'll be staying on property at WDW...I guess it'll be our last hotel stay since we'll be living there :(  That's a depressing thought, the hotel is my fav. part of the vacation!


I wondered why no one was leaving comments, especially my fav. followers.  My sister told me tonight she wasn't able to leave a comment.  I went in and checked... Somehow I had made a big boo-boo and shut off the comment part of my blog.  It's fixed now. Please, comment away, I love, love, love knowing somone is reading this stuff!

In case you wondered

Why the OLDEST DRAGONFLY comment... Our 2004 DTC group was called the Dragonflys and Meg was the oldest child referred, she was 8.  Our 7 year adoption anniversary is coming up so I posted her pic.  Isn't she lovely?  Inside and out.  She is such a treasure.


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I'm going to miss this neighborhood when we move. This was our last block party.
  As you can see, Holly already found a "friend" in the neighborhood
 and Meg is never far from her texting friends. 
 The littles had a blast.