Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It's a wonderful day....peace and quiet....all 14 returned to school Monday.  6 girls in HS and 3 are SENIORS!, 3 in middle school, and 5 in elementary, that would be four 3rd graders and a 2nd grader. 
The countdown is on for graduation and College! I can't wait. It's going to be a busy and exciting year.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

     A friend suggested I update my BLOG. I'm going to try. It's been so long I'm not sure I remember how to do it.  Things have changed on blogger and my trusty computer crashed and I am still on a laptop without my photos and familiar things. 
     First things first. We have 14 children at home now.
"19 Kids and NOT Counting" 
     Hailey was our newest during my last post and she is doing fantastic.  She is a beautiful, sweet 16 yr old looking forward to 10th grade. Her English is coming along and she is very outgoing. She has lots of friends and enjoys life to the fullest. 
     July 2013 we added quiet Jennifer, cl/cp, originally from China.  Jennifer is 12 now and we have been playing catch-up with her surgeries.  December she had her bone graft surgery, along with our son Ryan who is 11 and going to MIDDLE SCHOOL this year!!! He grew up so fast, I still remember the day we got him, he was such a little peanut!  Jennifer just had her first nose revision Monday and it's going to be a LONG process.  Jennifer will also be going to middle school this year.
     In June, Ethan, age 10, also from China was adopted.  What a beautiful little boy.  Ethan and Ryan are best buds now.
     We are now in the process of adopting 12 & 14 yr old sisters from Ethiopia. They are here with us now.   They want to change their names, we are discussing that this week before all the paperwork is completed.   We have know the girls for 3 years and I am used to calling them by their American names, BUT, we allowed all the other kids to change their name if they wanted to so I guess I should allow them also. 
     We have 3 seniors this year, 3 to graduate and go on to college. This is going to be an exciting year.