Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Friday, April 24, 2009


Happy Trails, Bon Voyage, Have a Great Flight,
Tonight we helped our friends
Shari & Myke
celebrate their
"Trip of a Lifetime"
Tomorrow they are leaving for
where they will finally meet their beautiful new
And here are a few of the beautiful little celebrators having fun.
As you can see, we picked up a few extra NUTZ along the way
Since we were at a Korean Restaurant, Meg wanted SUSHI
Paisley took it over and ate most of it.
Better luck next time Meg!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


What a sweet surprise!
While my friend Mary was in China she found this bag of candy and thought of us!
LOOK at the name :)
Thank-you Mary
The kids Love it!
Well, actually, Meg is having a great time eating them all.
She was really excited when she tasted them.
She said she remembers the flavor from China.
Tomorrow the little kids get some too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My friend Kathleen passed court today!!! She and her husband are now the proud parents of 2 beautiful girls from Ethiopia! They have waited an entire year for this day, and it has finally come. The girls will be home in May and will then meet their 2 older brothers and their twin baby sisters from Vietnam. Mike and I are so happy for them all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

So many eggs

Several friends have asked about our Easter Eggs. Here's the scoop~~
The kids colored 6 dozen eggs. Yes, that's a lot of eggs, but thank goodness for WAL-MART Grocery! We have 6 kids, if we only colored 3 dozen eggs like normal families, they'd each have only 6 eggs to color. What fun would that be? Wait 365 days to color 6 eggs?? NO WAY! So we decided to do a dozen for each. They aren't expensive so I figured I'd toss the extras at the end of the week. HA! There are FOUR eggs left as of tonight, and Meg is taking 2 of them to school in her lunch tomorrow. Turns out my kids love hard boiled eggs! I made deviled eggs out of 2 dozen of them and turned those leftovers into egg salad today. It turned out great and the kids had fun! That's the important part. Good memories of coloring Easter Eggs.


Is NOT the day to start a diet, not with all those chocolate bunny ears just waiting to be bit, but that's what I did. It's time, I'm ready, so let the misery begin!!

Today my Vietnam adoption agency closes it's doors, another miserable thought. I can't believe it!!! BUT, they are standing behind us and for that I'm grateful.

Let's see, what else can I add to my cheerful post?

Oh, I know, SPRING BREAK was not nearly long enough!! 6:15 came way too early this morning, and poor little Austin was crying as he was getting on his bus that's showing up earlier and earlier. 6:57 today! What happened to 7:07? That seemed too early to me! I know it's only 10 minutes difference, but when your only 3, sometimes you need that extra few minutes to eat your breakfast, or decide to go potty!

The seeds I planted 4 weeks ago are WAY overdue to be transplanted, something I keep putting off. I swear, I could have taken the kids to Mickey's House with what I spent on seeds, potting soil, containers, etc. etc. and we will probably get very little veggies out of it too. It's not like the kids are helping, that was my original thought, something fun for us to do together. OH NO, no one wants any part of the "garden". Ha, Garden, that's a joke, I'm putting the plants in with the landscaping around the pool. I wouldn't dare dig up my yard!! So, as my nice plants die off, or need to be replaced, they are being replaced with corn, beans, peas, watermelon, cantelope, lettuce, peppers, and tomatos. ( I have a BIG landscaped area around the pool if you're thinking "where's she putting all that stuff"?)

Let's see, what else ? Oh, I know, Austin had dental work done last Wednesday. About broke the bank on that one, and we have great dental ins. Anyhow, "from this day forward" says Dr. B, "NO sticky or chewy foods"!!! YIKES! No fruit roll-ups, No gummies, NO JELLY BEANS. The Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt was full of jelly beans! That was a nice temper tantrum, poor little guy. When you're 3 and just learned about jelly beans, you don't understand why mommy says NO all of a sudden. Brother and sisters aren't too happy either.

That's about all the depressing thoughts I want to add for now so I guess I'll go have another cup of coffee, then drag myself and Paisley out to plant the beans and cukes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


GINA & Miss Sue

Austin & Ryan's teacher, Miss Sue, has a horse named GINA. Sue invited my kids over to the barn to ride Gina on Friday. Poor Gina. Poor Sue! The kids LOVED riding and spent hours there! They couldn't get enough of the horses. Then they got to help give them a bath! If my camera hadn't run out of batteries, there would have been some great pics of 6 kids on one side of a horse lathering it up! Then Paisley found the barn cats!!! We couldn't keep her away from those poor kitties. WHY are barn cats so beat up? No tails, missing eyes, poor babies!

Today the kids made thank-you cards for Miss Sue.

Thank- you Miss Sue for a wonderful experience!

Friday, April 10, 2009