Wednesday, March 4, 2015

     Today turned a little unexpected.  Ethan ( 11) and Meg (18) had  ENT appointments. Ethan has moderate hearing loss in his left ear, something that wasn't mentioned in his Chinese paperwork, although he told the doctor his hearing has always been like this.  Our options were to fit him for a hearing aid TODAY, or see if surgery could help first.  The problem is with his middle ear and the MD would do exploratory surgery but there are no guarantees it will help.  I chose the surgery route. We can always get a hearing aid, but if there is a chance he won't need one, why not take it?  It's out patient surgery and he will only be out of school a few days.  
     Meg was found to have hearing loss in both ears, but not enough to affect her daily living.  It's from EARBUDS! She is losing the high frequency part.  The DR told her if she can't hear Mom calling her with earbuds on THEY ARE TOO LOUD!  She also has mild hearing loss in her left ear that she had surgery on several years ago.  There is scar tissue and he wants to get a CT scan to make sure nothing else is going on.
     Always something going on here :(

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


     Hi to all my friends.  I've missed you all.  I've been busy with life and couldn't find time to blog, but I'm planning on keeping up with our life via Blog updates now.  It's a GOOD way to stay in touch with y'all, AND  to keep a virtual journal of my family's daily experiences. 

     Do you have any idea how long it took me to get into BLOGGER today? LOL About an hour!  I couldn't remember the passwords or email addresses I used, then I kept getting error messages and locked out. I am pathetic when it comes to this laptop.  It was tough getting into my blog and I still don't know how I did it.  It just magically appeared so I started this post. I hope I can get back in tomorrow!!
     So, let's get started, shall we...........
     First up, we have 4 graduating this year!  Megan, Holly, Mary, and Emma.  Holly and Mary aren't sure what they want to do, work ( I WISH someone would get a J.O.B.) college, vo-tech. They just have no idea what they want to be as adults.  Their English is still pretty rough and they are clueless as to how to live life outside our home. It's time to give a gentle nudge out of the nest!  Laying on a bed listening to music all day is getting on my nerves!!!  Time to move on to the next chapter of your life girls!  Emma is planning to go to Seminole State in the fall then transfer to UCF and become a teacher. GO EMMA!  Meg, on the other hand is off to FLAGLER College in August.  She was accepted to Flagler, Stetson, UF, and Fl. Gulf Coast. She chose FLAGLER, her dream school.  She fell in love with Flagler when we were in St. Augustine on vacation a few years ago.  Her goal is to be a business attorney. Yes, Stetson is a law school, but at $50,000 a year, even with the $24,000 scholarship they awarded her, it was just out of the question.
     OK, this was a good start, right?  Leave a comment please, I'd like to know SOMEONE is out there :)
     See you tomorrow.....