Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just a quick update.
Hannah is doing GREAT. Her re adoption was yesterday in Jacksonville. We decided to continue on to Raleigh to visit our daughters Betsy and Wendy. We were 2 hours away when the 18 wheeler in front of us had a blowout! Right into our windshield!!! Thank GOD for FORD SUVs!! The windshield held together as best it could, It came in about 9 inches, and I was showered in glass, but I have a face and a life and the kids are all OK. Shaken up and crying, but OK. As for my beautiful Excursion, that seats 11, that's another story! It's being towed here today, some 150 miles from where the accident was. GIECO has been wonderful. We're now trying to find a van or something big enough to haul all of us around until repairs can be made, which make take up to 2 weeks! What a Vacation so far!!!