Saturday, May 19, 2012


 After 2 + years of unemployment, and THOUSANDS of resumes' being sent out without a nibble, Daddy GOT A JOB!  And not just ANY job, oh no, he got his DREAM JOB!  The one he has dreamed about for over 30 years, the one he thought he would never be lucky enough to get. The job he always said.."someday I would love to ~~~~~". 
 Well, it happened and we know it was meant to be.  He applied for job "X"  but during the interview, they said.. you know, I think "~~~~" would be perfect for you!  And that was it. One resume', one face to face interview, and he got the job..... Daddy is on cloud nine... he said he would have paid THEM to do this job...Now don't get carried away daddy, we like the idea of a paycheck again!
Anyhow... here's Daddy's new job...
 He's working for THE MOUSE! 
 He's "Captain Mike" and will be driving the boats!  What an ideal job for an ex-NAVY man, ex-boat owner, and retired daddy.


  1. guys must be over the top. Working for the MOUSE is a dream job that is for sure. Is he going to be driving the big boat between transportation the MK.


  2. HOORAH - navy guy makes good!! ;) Love it when a plan comes together! Way to go skipper!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. Yea God:)That is so exciting! I love when God works things out like that:) That is the perfect job for Mike!

  4. How awesome is that? Are there perks that come with the job, like free admission for family members? That would be wonderful.

    Congratulations Mike!!!!

  5. Awesome cool! Congrats Captain Mike!

  6. Wonderful news! I would LOVE to work for the Mouse too (but I don't live in FL)!