Tuesday, December 29, 2009



I'm home for the night. Mike took over the night shift for me. That's how he is celebrating his birthday tonight. 3 years ago he celebrated the big 60 on a plane from Vietnam to USA with Austin while I stayed behind in Vietnam with Paisley.
Well, that just popped into my head so let me get back to Mr. Poko's update.
Ryan is miserable! And staying another night. The good thing is the IV was discontinued just as I left tonight because he is finally drinking. Mike took him to the playroom and it was closing! Poor little guy can't catch a break. But they allowed him to bring a toy back to his bed.
I have to tell you, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is the greatest! They are so accommodating to parents, they have showers and massage chairs in the parent's lounge, free continental breakfast and lunch for parents served by volunteers, and are just the nicest staff. They are so well staffed in the PICU, at least 13 nurses per shift and an MD and PA on the floor at all times. The PICU staff MD examined Ryan today...and found he has a HEART MURMUR! To say I was shocked would be an understatement! HOW has that been missed for 4 years? I'll be calling a cardiologist Monday morning!
My big girls took care of the littles while Mike and I have been with Ryan for the last 2 days, and I can tell you my house was immaculate when I walked in the door tonight. I have great girls!



Your Poko Pack


  1. I hope Ryan will be released tomorrow. I know he's being taken care of very well, but it's always nice to be in your own home.

    Yes, you are a lucky woman to have such wonderful girls.

    Keep us updated on Ryan. Hopefully the murmur is nothing serious and just needs to be checked on occasion.

  2. Poor Ryan!! Hope he gets feeling better fast! Happy Birthday to Mike from my Mark who also celebrated today!


  3. Just know that we're keeping you guys in our prayers! We've been on the road visiting family so that's why more lurking than commenting!

    hugs to all you guys - and just think what you've got to look forward to in 2010!

    aus and co.